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Your Questions Answered

Welcome to the Cheryl Lieurance Doctor of Chiropractic Family!  Let your journey to healthier living begin!


As a new patient, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive health history form. This form is designed to give Dr. Cheryl all of the necessary information about past health problems, injuries, diet, exercise, occupation, and make informed and accurate decisions in your case. You'll be asked what type of care you're looking for (relief or wellness) and what your goals are.  After all the information is gathered, you will get your X-Rays taken. Dr. Cheryl will study the findings, analyze the x-rays, and develop a plan of care designed to address your health concerns. You will also receive your first adjustment.


During this appointment, Dr. Cheryl will show you the x-rays and explain the results. She will provide a diagnosis and your chiropractic care plan. Then she will adjust you, and that's it!


These appointments will be much faster. Dr. Cheryl involves an analysis of the leg, orthopedic and neurological tests, range-of-motion, and palpation. She will then adjust you, and  give you stretches and exercises to do on your own, to help the healing process.

New Patients: FAQ
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