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Here at Cheryl Lieurance Doctor of Chiropractic, your speedy recovery is our priority. Our holistic approach helps patients achieve long- term wellness and improve physical health and performance. Make an appointment today to find out more!

If you're new to chiropractic, we would like to explain what it's really about. Chiropractic care is analyzing the spine and nervous system to find out where there might be a breakdown in the body's communication system with the rest of the body. If there is a problem in the body's normal function, the adjustment will restore control to the nervous system.  

The motor system controls strength and flexibility in the body. The sensory system controls what you feel. If your body is in-place, your body is balanced and is working to it's maximum potential. 

Chiropractic Benefits: -rebalances the body 

-normalizes brain function 

-reduces stress 

-improves posture

-treats back pain 

-takes away headaches, sciatica, low back pain, stomach aches, tightness in the chest, dizziness, numbness

-reduces anxiety 

-gives you  more energy 

The list goes on! Come in and find out what it can do for you! 

Chiropractic Care: Welcome
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